Zaeed Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Mass Effect

Forest Maze

Tribes ██ Volt
██ Sapphire
Placement 5/16
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 36


Tribes ██ Omega
Placement 16/20
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 14

Zaeed's Statistics

Challenges Won 13
Votes Against 12
Days Lasted 50
Prize $ Earned $22,500
"Next time another clone of yours tries stealing your life, we'll have a nice little surprise rigged for them. Isn't that right, Garrus?"
— Zaeed, Mass Effect 3

Zaeed Massani is a human originating from Mass Effect, and a contestant on Survivor: Forest Maze and Survivor: Ultimates. He placed 5th and 16th respectively.

Survivor: Forest MazeEdit

Zaeed's Voting History
Episode Zaeed's
Voted Against
1 Barney -
2 Wooldoor -
3 Volt Tribe Immune
4 Volt Tribe Immune
5 Russia Individual Immunity
6 Volt Tribe Immune
7 Presea Individual Immunity
8 Applejack -
9 Zola -
10 Derpy Derpy, Jiro
11 Judith -
12 Judith Duck,
Jiro, Judith
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: UltimatesEdit

Zaeed's Voting History
Episode Zaeed's
Voted Against
1 Omega Tribe Immune
2 Omega Tribe Immune
3 Moses -
4 Omega Tribe Immune
5 Harry Harry, Kasumi, M. Mario,
Mordin, Senel, Stephen, S. Tooth
Voted Out, Day 14


  • Zaeed is the oldest contestant on the Volt tribe, the Sapphire tribe, and the Omega tribe. He is also the oldest overall in both Survivor: Forest Maze and Survivor: Ultimates.
  • Zaeed originally applied to be on Survivor: Aquatic Ruin, but he, and several others were cut in favor of including OCs.
  • Zaeed, along with his alliance partner Yuri, was nominated for Best Alliance/Duo in the first TJ Awards Show. They got 6% of the total votes.

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