Waluigi Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Mario Bros.

Lake Hylia

Tribes ██ Zoruto
Placement 14/20
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 16
"Wah hah hah hah! Waluigi's number one!"
— Waluigi, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Waluigi is a human originating from Mario Bros., and a contestant on Survivor: Lake Hylia. He placed 14th.

Survivor: Lake HyliaEdit

Waluigi's Voting History
Episode Waluigi's
Voted Against
1 Palutena -
2 Zoruto Tribe Immune
3 Zoruto Tribe Immune
4 Sheik -
5 Samus -
6 Chrom Chrom,
Lucina, Shulk
Voted Out, Day 16


  • Waluigi was casted for Survivor: Prison Island, but was cut towards the end of casting.
  • Waluigi appeared in Mickey02Mickey's non-canon season of Survivor: Clash of the Fan Favorites. He placed 20th.

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