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Contestant Profile
Series Skies of Arcadia

Kattlelox Island

Tribes ██ Sega
Placement 14/18
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 15

Unfinished Business

Tribes ██ Espada
La Flor
██ Verde Lima
Placement 5/18
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 36

Battle Royale

Tribes ██ Tempura
██ Foloropura
Placement 4/24
Challenges Won 11
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 38

Vyse's Statistics

Challenges Won 23
Votes Against 14
Days Lasted 89
Prize $ Earned $149,000
"Thanks, it's an Air Pirate's duty to cause trouble... I feel so accomplished. But there's one more thing i'd like to accomplish...I want to rid the world of you."
— Vyse, Skies of Arcadia

Vyse is a human originating from Skies of Arcadia, and a contestant on Survivor: Kattlelox Island, Survivor: Unfinished Business, and Survivor: Battle Royale. He placed 14th, 5th, and 4th respectively.

Vyse was known for being a positive player, and not giving up no matter what. During his second chance, he was able to create a fake idol with the help of his ally Stryker, and was able to cause cracks in the La Flor alliance. Despite the strong efforts, it wasn't enough.

Survivor: Kattlelox IslandEdit

Vyse's Voting History
Episode Vyse's
Voted Against
1 Sega Tribe Immune
2 Sega Tribe Immune
3 Sega Tribe Immune
4 Sega Tribe Immune
5 Morrigan Gum, Joe M.,
Morrigan, Pudding, Reala
Voted Out, Day 15

Survivor: Unfinished BusinessEdit

Vyse's Voting History
Episode Vyse's
Voted Against
1 Bree -
2 Espada Tribe Immune
3 Espada Tribe Immune
4 Olivier -
5 Quan Chi -
6 Espada Tribe Immune
7 La Flor Tribe Immune
8 Bree -
9 Mega Man -
10 Zod -
Mega Man Individual Immunity
11 Fluttershy Fluttershy,
Galaxo, Garrus
12 Galaxo Individual Immunity
13 Kitana Garrus,
Kitana, Mega Man
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Battle RoyaleEdit

Vyse's Voting History
Episode Vyse's
Voted Against
1 Tempura Tribe Immune
2 Tempura Tribe Immune
3 Tempura Tribe Immune
4 Tempura Tribe Immune
5 Tempura Tribe Immune
6 Rheneas -
7 Sindel Ion, Lucina,
Rheneas, Sindel
8 Sub-Zero -
9 Serena -
10 Josiah -
11 Lucina -
12 Soi Fon -
Serena -
13 Used Tribal Council Pass
14 Lucina -
Hyde Hyde,
Lucina, Shulk
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Vyse is the youngest contestant on the Sega tribe, the Espada tribe, and the Verde Lima tribe. He is also the youngest overall in Survivor: Unfinished Business.
  • Vyse is the lowest ranked Kattlelox Island returnee.
  • Vyse is one of twelve players to be voted off at least three times across his seasons, the other three being America, Anise, Barney, Cynthia, JD, Kasumi, Luigi, Matt, Quan Chi, Sabastian, and Sonic.
  • Vyse was nominated for Best Male Hero in the second TJ Awards Show. He received 9% of the votes.
  • Vyse was nominated for Best Male Hero in the third TJ Awards Show. He received 14% of the votes.

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