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Contestant Profile
Series Mass Effect


Tribes ██ Matsing
██ Dang-Sing
Placement 7/18
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 30


Tribes ██ Omega
██ Superstar
Placement 6/20
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 36

Thane's Statistics

Challenges Won 12
Votes Against 11
Days Lasted 66
Prize $ Earned $27,000
"I was chosen for this mission because killing is an art. And I am a Master."
— Thane, Mass Effect 2

Thane Krios is a drell originating from Mass Effect, and a contestant on Survivor: Virmire and Survivor: Ultimates. He placed 7th and 6th respectively.

Thane was known for fighting through an illness known as Kepral's Syndrome, and many expected him to drop dead in both seasons. Nevertheless, he proved that even a serious disease doesn't mean much to slow you down.

Survivor: VirmireEdit

Thane's Voting History
Episode Thane's
Voted Against
1 Bubsy -
2 Matsing Tribe Immune
3 Matsing Tribe Immune
4 N. Tropy -
5 No Tribal Council
Matsing Tribe Immune
6 Anise -
7 Senel N. Critic,
Senel, Twilight
8 Moses -
9 N. Critic Grune, Kasumi,
Moses, N. Critic, Twilight
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: UltimatesEdit

Thane's Voting History
Episode Thane's
Voted Against
1 Omega Tribe Immune
2 Omega Tribe Immune
3 Moses -
4 Omega Tribe Immune
5 Rustic Tribe Immune
6 No Tribal Council
7 Rustic Tribe Immune
8 JD Individual Immunity
9 JD -
Ren -
10 Harry -
Zola -
11 En-Tee-I -
12 Kratos En-Tee-I,
Kratos, Raine
Eliminated, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Thane is the oldest contestant on the Matsing tribe, the Dang-Sing tribe, and the Superstar tribe.
  • Thane is one of seven players to participate in more then one auction, the others being Amethyst, Hyde, Ion, Lucina, Pepper, and Serena.
  • Thane is one of the men who did not move onto the secondary rounds of Survivor: Last Chances voting.

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