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Contestant Profile
Series Mortal Kombat

Pirate Lagoon

Tribes ██ Humaria
Ani Mani
██ Conkera
Placement 3/21
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 11
Days Lasted 39
"The stars align for victory!"
— Tanya, Mortal Kombat X

Tanya is an edenian originating from Mortal Kombat, and a contestant on Survivor: Pirate Lagoon. She placed 3rd.

An outcast who eventually fought her way back into the game, Tanya was known for sabotaging the games of others for her own amusement, knowing full well she could not win the game.

Survivor: Pirate LagoonEdit

Tanya's Voting History
Episode Tanya's
Voted Against
1 Mawile Ineligible
Penner -
2 Humaria Tribe Immune
3 Humaria Tribe Immune
4 Laurent Laurent, Leela,
Ness, Penner, Ryu
Voted Out, Day 12
9 Jet,
Bender, Jet,
Mawile, Spinelli, Springtrap
Returned, Day 20
9 Laurent -
10 Ryu -
11 BB Individual Immunity
Jenny -
12 Leela -
13 Roxanne Littlefoot,
Monita, Roxanne
14 Cyrax Cyrax, Spinelli
15 Spinelli Individual Immunity
Monita Monita
Jury Votes
For Tanya
2nd Runner Up, Day 39


  • Tanya is the oldest member on the Conkera tribe.
  • Tanya is one of four players to return to the game by other means outside of Redemption Island. The other players to do this are Judith, Angel, and Spinelli.
  • Tanya was an option for Survivor: Last Chances, but she failed in both the preliminary and the secondary polls.

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