Survivor: Frog Forest
Season Run July 2nd, 2015 - October 2nd, 2015
Location Frog Forest
Episodes 14
Survivors 20
Days 39
Winner Gosalyn Mallard
Runner-up(s) Jacob Welch
Series Chronology

Survivor: Frog Forest is the third non-canon season of BambiTJ93's Survivor series, which premiered on July 2nd, 2015. It was written by TJBambi93.

The show premiered on July 2nd, 2015 at 8pm with a special 90-minute premiere, then returned to its normal hour-long format in the following week. It will be updated every Thursday morning.

For the past month or two, viewers and readers were able to vote on a second chance poll consisting of 16 men and 16 women who have never made it to the Finale episode, and have only played once. The cast was revealed at the end of Survivor: Battle Royale.

Episodes will be written in transcripts only, and those transcripts will be readable on this page beneath the game table and before the voting list!

Gosalyn was named the winner in the final episode on October 2nd, 2015, defeating Jacob and Grune in a 6-3-0 vote.

Players not chosen include Archer, Blanca, Gonzo, Gum, Jackle, Kano, Minka, Sagwa, Scorpion, Scott, Sheik, and Tangy.


Get The Villains Out First!Edit

  • Immunity/Reward Challenge: Two members from each tribe at a time will race down the desert sands to a designated lane which will be random each round. You will then have to dig up a weighted bag, and bring it back to your mat. This will get physical quickly, but it's a great way to begin the new season. First tribe to get three points wins immunity and reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Yoshi Desert.
  • Reward: Flint.

At Holava, as the camp and shelter were getting set up around camp, Allison and Rainbow Dash were talking about forming an alliance. Allison knew that everyone knew about her man hating ways, and she wanted to continue her methods subtly. Her first target was Eric, who she deemed too smart. Wave and Blaze quickly bonded over being from the same world. They knew with Wave's brains and with Blaze's social skills, they could go far together. They also brought in Angela to be their third alliance member. Angela knew that both Wave and Blaze were tight, and kept an eye on them.

At Nok'kom, Ghirahim knew he was in slight trouble on the Nok'kom tribe, and tried his best to make good allies, starting with Marth and Kellam; both of whom had worked with villains before. However, Marth told Kellam that it didn't work out for him the first time, so they needed Ghirahim out. Braixen also wanted Ghirahim out, for they were rivals on the Gorunia tribe back last season they played. She made an alliance with Gosalyn and Pinkie Pie, seeing them as good friends already, and having a good trust with Gosalyn from Day 1. Pinkie Pie wasn't much of a player, but she joined them.

Nok'kom won the first immunity challenge, winning flint in the process. Before tribal council, Eric and Angela were exchanging notes with one another, and Eric told Angela that Allison was giving him the stink eye the past couple of days. He felt in danger, so Angela promised him he would be safe, and they would gun for Allison first. Freddy also joined in, playing quiet early on again. Wave was told the news, and spoke with Heath and Shuichi about voting off Allison first, saying that while she's smart, she's too much of a man hater, and they needed the men right now; especially Heath and Eric. Heath agreed, while Shuichi was determined to not fall on deaf ears once again.

At tribal council, Allison was the first person voted off the island in an 8-2 vote, with only her vote and Rainbow Dash's votes going towards Eric.

Calm Down And Grow Up!Edit

  • Reward Challenge: Four members of your tribe will race out into the water to collect logs that will be used to build a staircase to the stars. Each time you bring a log back, someone must sit down. This will happen every time until only one person is left to collect the farthest log. Once you have all four logs, place them on the staircase, and walk up. First tribe to finish, wins reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Kattlelox Island.
  • Reward: Comfort Items.
  • Immunity Challenge: Three members will be tied against a pole on a raft, which out at the ocean. Back at the beach, three other tribe members will attempt to pull the tied up tribe members back to shore. Along the way, the tied up members can try to untie themselves. Either way, first tribe to untie all their tribe members whether by yourself or help of your tribe, and get on the mat, wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Cuties.

At Holava, Rainbow Dash felt a little surprised to see Allison get the boot without being told anything different. Shuichi apologized to her and told her she was going to be safe for a few more votes compared to Allison. The two later formed an alliance, and Heath joined up with them. Eric and Gallade were tending to the fire, and Eric felt a lot better to see Allison gone from the game. The two players formed their own alliance, and Gallade set his sights on Freddy Fazbear, as he knew Freddy was not going to hold back this season. Eric completely agreed with him.

At Nok'kom, Braixen was trying to see where everyone's heads were at regarding the first couple of days. Marth told her that he was willing to vote off Ghirahim first, but after that he had no idea. Grune later told her that she didn't entirely care who went first and would vote for whoever had the most votes. Pinkie Pie was having some fun alongside Jacob. Jacob had matured since his days in Marble as a young immature sixteen year old, but he was still willing to have fun. Squidward was not entirely happy to be around them, as they reminded him of Spongebob, especially Pinkie Pie.

Holava won the reward challenge, winning comfort items. Nok'kom won the immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Gallade was trying to try and rally the votes against Freddy, and he spoke with Blaze and Shuichi individually about it. While Shuichi seemed on okay with it, Blaze was a little suspicious. She knew Gallade was smart, but he couldn't read Freddy's mind. How could he know anything strange going on? Eric and Heath were discussing the vote as well. Eric wanted to see Freddy go home next, while Heath was hoping to take out Gallade for being a strategic threat. Eric was a little worried about the idea, since he trusted Gallade but not Freddy. Rainbow Dash was also worried about the vote, herself.

At tribal council, Gallade's psychic powers were to be feared, and he was voted off in a 7-2 vote. Only Shuichi voted with him against Freddy, being left out of the loop after the plan changed.

Their Days Are NumberedEdit

  • Reward Challenge: Three players will be strapped to a spinning wheel. Two other tribe members will be spinning the wheel as fast as possible. While the spinning is going on, the three players must grab as much water as possible in their mouth, and spit the water into the bowl. Once the bowl has taken on enough water, it'll drop a flag, giving one last tribe member the signal to begin a puzzle. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Redemption Island.
  • Reward: Fishing Gear.
  • Immunity Challenge: One tribe member will race out to the lake, and fill up a bucket with water. You will then return and begin to toss the water bucket to another tribe member. Then toss it to the third member who will dump the remains into a bucket. Once that bucket drops to the ground with enough water it will release a ball. Two other tribe members will then use that ball to solve a table maze. First tribe to finish wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Lake Hylia.

At Holava, Freddy was super grateful to have survived the previous vote, and promised his tribe that he would do a lot better to make sure he stays. Both Blaze and Wave didn't buy what he was selling, since they knew he was full of it. With Gallade gone, their sights were set on the animatronic bear himself. Angela and Rainbow Dash both spoke for a little bit, and Angela brought Rainbow Dash into her alliance with Blaze and Wave, making it an all girl alliance. Heath was sitting around camp watching most of the girls having fun, and he had a feeling about all the girls teaming up against the men.

At Nok'kom, Squidward and Ghirahim were having a conversation about how annoying their tribe members were. While Ghirahim wanted Braixen out, Squidward wanted Pinkie Pie out. Ghirahim relunctantly agreed, and spoke with Kellam about the idea. Kellam wasn't sure, but knew it might make the tribe stronger. Katherine had been laying low for a little while in the game. She hadn't been making many alliances and since Nok'kom had been winning, she had no need to worry. Braixen approached her for her thoughts, and she said that, just like Grune before, would vote for whomever she needed to to stay.

Nok'kom won the reward challenge, winning fishing gear. Holava won their first immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Kellam spoke with Squidward about what Ghirahim was planning, and Squidward said it would be for the greater good if they sent home Pinkie Pie to make the tribe stronger. Jacob was snooping in on this conversation, and realized they were targeting his ally in Pinkie Pie, so he had to try something. After warning Pinkie Pie, she went into a crazy little scramble, trying to rally the votes to stay safe. She spoke with Gosalyn and Katherine about who was most vulnerable. While Katherine wasn't sure, Gosalyn said that Ghirahim was the most likely target if Pinkie Pie wanted to stay safe in the game.

At tribal council, Kellam and Marth surprisingly agreed with making the team stronger and voted against Pinkie Pie, shocking the tribe by the extra two votes. Despite this, a 6-4 vote was enough to send the demon lord Ghirahim home as the third person voted off.

Gender WarsEdit

  • Reward Challenge: You will square off one-on-one in a ring toss. You will slide down a slippery slide, and then when you get to the end, you will toss your ring onto one of three hooks. First to score earns a point. First tribe to four, wins reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Singapore.
  • Reward: Hot dogs, soft drinks, and french fries.
  • Immunity Challenge: It is a log roll. One at a time you will square off against someone from the opposing tribe. You will spin the log to knock off your rival. First tribe to four wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Green Hill.

At Nok'kom, even though Ghirahim was gone, Squidward thanked both Kellam and Marth for voting with him. Both Kellam and Marth wanted a stronger tribe, which is why they put Pinkie Pie's name on the parchment. That said Marth was not so sure if he made the right decision, whereas Kellam wasn't concerned. Katherine made an alliance with Jacob and Pinkie Pie, seeing them as options for the future. Both of them were young and naïve players, and learning from her husband, Katherine wanted to have a good shot to win. Both of them agreed to Katherine's offer, even though Pinkie Pie had a deal with Braixen.

At Holava, having been told by Heath about a potential girls alliance, Eric and Freddy spoke about working together alongside Heath and Shuichi to take out the girls before they got all the guys out one by one. Angela noticed Eric and Freddy talking, and got a little nervous about what Eric was planning. Blaze was speaking with Shuichi about joining the female alliance, believing he would be the best fifth vote to prevent a tiebreaker at the vote. Shuichi agreed to her claims, and later told Heath and confirmed his suspicions. Heath told Shuichi to ignore their offer and vote with the men.

Holava won the reward challenge, winning fishing gear. Nok'kom won the immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Freddy and Heath were talking about the upcoming vote, and the name that Heath threw out to vote off was Angela. He saw her as the ringleader for the women, and Freddy agreed to it. Later, Wave definitely knew something strange was going on when she saw Freddy and Heath talking. Angela was feeling nervous about the vote as now both she and Wave figured the guys were working together against the women, as she thought nobody would approach Freddy with deals. She spoke with Rainbow Dash, and planned to go into a tiebreaker prepared, voting for Eric to keep Freddy vulernable.

At tribal council, the boys and girls were definitely against eachother as they tied in a 4-4 vote between Angela and Eric. This caused the purple rock to sneak out into the open, and it sent home Blaze the Cat as the fourth one out.

I Will Fight To Stay!Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: Two tribe members will race out to dig up a bag which will contain two keys. Once you have the keys, pass them on to two more tribe members that will crawl through a mud crawl. Once through, you will use the keys to unlock a gate, which will knock over a series of small sandbags. For the final part of the challenge, two tribe members must throw those sandbags onto a wobbly platform. First tribe to get all sandbags on the platform wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy.

Prior to the swap, at Holava, Freddy was pleased with how the vote went, but he kept his giddiness to himself. Wave lamented the loss of her ally Blaze. Rainbow Dash also wondered about her loyalties, since she was aligned with Heath and Shuichi a while back. Eric and Heath were pleased with the results as well, and planned for Angela to be the next one voted off the island. Angela knew she was in trouble without Blaze around, and hoped for a swap. At Nok'kom, Marth approached Braixen about potentially voting off Pinkie Pie, seeing her as more of a liability than Squidward. This made Braixen concerned about Marth's loyalties, and warned Jacob about it, knowing he was close with Pinkie Pie. Eventually Pinkie Pie found out, and wasn't very happy to hear about it. As Gosalyn was part of her alliance, and Grune was a side vote, she told them both. It seemed it was likely that Marth's fate was sealed for simply just talking to the wrong person.

A tribal switch happened, sending Angela, Freddy, Heath, and Wave to Nok'kom, and Braixen, Jacob, Marth, Pinkie Pie, and Squidward over to Holava.

At the new Holava, with the tribes swapped, Braixen reevaluated the situation. She had Pinkie Pie from her Nok'kom group, whom had Jacob. Jacob said that if Pinkie Pie could pull in Shuichi and Rainbow Dash, they could pull a blindside on Marth and send him home. Shuichi overheard the situation, though. As Pinkie Pie had already told Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash decided to use the information to her advantage. She told Marth and Squidward that she heard Marth's name come up for elimination. Squidward snickered a little, but Marth became very paranoid about it.

At the new Nok'kom, Freddy and Kellam were reunited on the same tribe, and immediately they rekindled their old alliance from Beach Bowl Galaxy. Immediately Angela was onto them. With the tables turned and a new tribe was in play, Angela was ready to fight to stay in the game, and she might have found a way. Heath was pretty popular with the ladies of old Nok'kom. He impressed both Gosalyn and Grune with his strength and kind hearted behavior. He claimed that he felt like a jackass in Emerald Hill, and feels like he matured a little since then. Both girls were happy to align with him.

Holava won the immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Freddy approached Heath and asked him if their alliance from Holava with all men was still good. Heath said it was and that it was time to send Angela home. Angela was not about to give up though. Knowing Freddy and Kellam were once again paired up, she wanted to break them up. Wave was also on board with voting off Freddy, and tried to get votes from both Katherine and Grune. Katherine knew a pair was a pair, but was also concerned by how much of a game player Angela was around camp. Grune just didn't care who went home as long as she was in the majority.

At tribal council, Katherine and Grune joined the majority to send home Angela in a 6-2 vote, leaving Wave by herself and wondering where she stood in the Nok'kom tribe.

Smart Young GirlsEdit

  • Reward Challenge: Five members of your tribe will try to get through three gates, each one varying of design. First tribe to get through each gate and cross the finish line wins the chance to eat and listen in on the losing tribes tribal council. This challenge is from Survivor: Emerald Hill.
  • Reward: Cheeseburgers and a chance to listen in at the losing tribe's tribal council.
  • Individual Immunity Challenge: You each have five ladder rungs that make up a stairway. However, each rung are very slightly different from one another, which makes this challenge difficult. The winner from each tribe will be safe from the vote. This challenge is from Survivor: Emerald Hill.

At Nok'kom, despite voting against Angela at the last vote, Gosalyn was conflicted about keeping Freddy around. She knew both he and Kellam were responsible for her going home in Beach Bowl Galaxy. With Angela gone, Freddy set his sights right back on Gosalyn, knowing she was a smart little girl. Wave was beyond frustrated with her tribe. She couldn't believe that Freddy Fazbear could survive four tribal councils. She even berated Grune about just voting out of pure carelessness. Heath defended Grune's actions, and told Wave off, saying that she has no right to critize someone else's game.

At Holava, Pinkie Pie and Shuichi discussed what Shuichi had heard from Braixen and Jacob about voting off Marth. Pinkie Pie felt like it would be a pretty big blindside to send Marth home. Shuichi later told Eric about the idea, but Eric was less then thrilled about voting off Marth this early in the game. Rainbow Dash was speaking with Jacob and Braixen, and lied to them about her conversation with Marth days ago. She basically said that Marth came to her out of paranoia. Braixen was concerned that Marth found out that he was being blindsided, and wondered if Pinkie Pie had been too open about it.

There was going to be a double tribal council tonight. Freddy won individual immunity for Nok'kom, and Squidward won individual immunity for Holava. Nok'kom later won reward. Before Nok'kom's tribal council, Gosalyn spoke with Grune about voting for Kellam tonight, since Freddy was safe and couldn't be voted off. While Grune respected Kellam a lot, she was okay with voting alongside Gosalyn. Freddy still had his sights on Gosalyn, and hoped Heath would be on his side for this one. Wave was totally unsure about what to do. Nobody had approached her with any deals until Katherine went up to her about voting off Kellam to weaken Freddy Fazbear. Katherine later told Heath about it, whom had no idea if he wanted to betray his Holava alliance with the men, or his new alliance.

Before Holava's tribal council, Rainbow Dash told Shuichi that she was voting against Marth at the vote, seeing that there was quite a majority gunning for Marth at this point. Jacob joined in on that conversation and agreed to the plan as well. That said he was concerned about Marth finding out and countering the blindside. Marth was indeed paranoid, and approached Braixen and Eric with worries about his safety. While Eric thought Marth was safe, and told him so, Braixen didn't really give a clear answer. This only confirmed Marth's suspicions based on what Rainbow Dash told him. They agreed to vote for Braixen.

At Nok'kom's tribal council, Heath couldn't make up his mind and threw his vote away to Wave. The majority voted against Kellam and blindsided him in a 4-2-1 vote, shocking Freddy Fazbear. At Holava's tribal council, Marth's game came to an end when he was voted off in a 5-3 vote.

They Broke The Rules!Edit

  • Reward Challenge: Jeff will be asking the Survivors questions about Survivor Past, from seasons 1 to 28. First tribe to get four correct answers will win reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Marble.
  • Reward: Steak Dinner.
  • Immunity Challenge: Three players will one at a time shoot flaming arrows into three different targets. First tribe to get all three targets wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Marble.

At Nok'kom, Freddy was none too happy to see his best ally Kellam out of the game, but kept himself from losing his cool, and remained calm around camp. Grune told Gosalyn that she was impressed with Freddy's attitude, but Gosalyn told her that Freddy was already planning their demises soon. Wave was still unsure about who casted a vote in her direction and confronted Katherine about it. Katherine made the logical assumption that since she had a fight with Heath, it might have been him who voted Wave. Heath later confessed to Wave, and told her that he was caught in the middle.

At Holava, Eric was sort of out of the loop after Marth was voted off, and tried to make sense of where he stood in the game. Braixen and Rainbow Dash spoke for a while, and Rainbow Dash told Braixen that between Eric and Squidward, Eric was the bigger threat and needed to be sent home before a merger. Squidward was undoubtly annoyed about his position in the game, having lost three of his allies in the past couple of votes. Both Jacob and Pinkie Pie were growing restless about Squidward's standing in the game, and wondered if it was time to send him home back to Spongebob and Bikini Bottom.

Holava won the reward challenge, winning a steak dinner. Nok'kom won the immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Rainbow Dash told Pinkie Pie that they were going to keep Squidward in the game and vote off Eric. Pinkie Pie was not okay with this as she didn't want to see or hear Squidward in the game, as being in the jury meant he would be there until the end. She warned Eric, and told him to vote Squidward. Braixen did the same but with Jacob instead. Jacob was split down the middle as he wanted to be loyal to the alliance, but he also wanted to make Pinkie Pie happy by sending Squidward home. Squidward, meanwhile, packed his bags as he was convinced he was going home, but hoped he would stay.

At tribal council, due to Shuichi's loyalty being more towards Pinkie Pie and Eric, he voted with their wishes against Squidward, giving him the majority and sending him home in a 4-2-1 decision.

Don't Sweat It Man!Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: You will stand barefoot in the middle of the water on a floating platform. There are wooden slats where your feet will rest. If your feet come off at any time, you're out. Last person standing wins immunity, and will be safe tonight at the vote. This challenge is from Survivor: Lake Hylia.

At Holava, Pinkie Pie apologized to both Braixen and Rainbow Dash, but both understood why she did what she did. Braixen was still worried about Eric making the merge, and potentially pulling an alliance from the Nok'kom players. Rainbow Dash told her not to sweat it, as there was no chance of that happening. Eric spoke with both Shuichi and Jacob, and warned them that the women definitely had an edge in numbers, and could vote off the remaining men. Shuichi thought that was hogwash as he, as well as Jacob, were besties with Pinkie Pie, but Eric told them that Pinkie Pie's loyalty may lie elsewhere.

At Nok'kom, With the merge coming, Gosalyn was worried that Freddy would be at his most dangerous and needed to go home first. Heath told her that Freddy wasn't threatening physically, and won't be difficult to bring down once the threats were gone. After he left, Wave told Gosalyn that Heath was with Freddy. Freddy knew he was in trouble, and kept a positive spirit around as he went off searching for the hidden immunity idol. After lying to Grune about what he was doing, he managed to find the first immunity idol of the season. Grune later told Katherine was Freddy was doing, but Katherine knew better.

Soon, the two tribes became one, becoming the green Nok'lava tribe, and living on the old Holava beach. Freddy decided to come into the merge, and lie immediately to keep the players guessing. He told both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash that he, Heath, and Kellam were outnumbered, and ambushed by Katherine, who had the hidden immunity idol. Both girls fell for Freddy's story, especially Pinkie Pie. Heath went to Shuichi, and asked him where his loyalty lied since the swap happened. Shuichi promised Heath he was still on board with him and Eric. However, Shuichi would later tell Braixen the same thing between her, Gosalyn, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash as an alliance of five.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash relied Freddy's story to Shuichi about Katherine being the ring leader over on Nok'kom, and Shuichi, seeing a chance to betray neither alliance, agreed with Freddy's claims, saying that it would be a big move to send Katherine home. Katherine meanwhile, was none the wiser. Eric knew he was making a deal with the devil by working with Freddy, but the four guys were aligned from the old Holava tribe. Eric and Freddy exchanged stories, and Eric brought up Braixen as the true leader of Nok'kom. Grune noticed them, but thought they were talking about other things.

At the individual immunity challenge, Rainbow Dash eventually won the first immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Wave told Gosalyn that she was on board with voting off Freddy first, but she also brought up voting out Heath, as Heath was far stronger, and aligned with Freddy. Gosalyn agreed, but didn't know if she could change the votes from Freddy to Heath. Of course, Freddy overheard the conversation. After Braixen learned from Gosalyn about the vote change idea, she didn't agree with it, but knew there was a chance of Freddy having a hidden immunity idol. So a split vote was planned between Heath and Freddy. Grune and Pinkie Pie were on board, although Pinkie Pie was still concerned about Katherine. Shuichi was talking with Jacob about voting out Katherine, and Jacob was shocked, knowing it would be a big blindside, but knew it wouldn't make Braixen happy at all. Freddy later came by, and told them that Katherine was not going home, but rather Braixen. This did not settle well with either of them. For the split vote plan, Wave, Jacob, and Shuichi would vote for Heath, while Braixen, the pony girls, Grune, and Gosalyn would vote for Freddy. When Katherine was approached, she was glad to write down Heath's name, making them look like a strong alliance of nine. All hell was soon to break loose.

At tribal council, the votes were split between Freddy and Heath, however, Freddy gave HEath his hidden immunity idol to play. However, due to Jacob, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Shuichi all flipping and voting out Katherine, Heath didn't need the idol, nor did Freddy's plan work out as Katherine was voted out in a 4-3-3-0 vote, becoming the first jury member.

I'm Playing Dumb On PurposeEdit

  • Reward Challenge: You will answer questions pertaining to past contestants. Each time you get an answer right you will chop a tribe member's rope. Last one left standing wins reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Green Hill.
  • Reward: Picnic to be shared with one person.
  • Immunity Challenge: You will be timed to answer as many math questions as you can, and let me tell you, they are hard, and I mean really hard and difficult. Bottom three are out each round. Last one standing wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Green Hill.

After the last vote, Heath was surprised Freddy played the idol on him, but he was also surprised that Katherine was voted out instead of Braixen. Pinkie Pie told him later that she didn't feel like it was Braixen's time to go, and she stuck with the original plan. Meanwhile, she apologized to Grune for flipping on the alliance. Gosalyn and Wave were talking about how strange it was that their alliance flipped on them so quickly, and Wave mentioned that the game has gotten dirty. They decided to go out looking for the immunity idol, and Gosalyn managed to find the Holava idol. Meanwhile, Jacob was questioning his position.

Meanwhile, Wave told both Grune and Braixen that Gosalyn had the hidden immunity idol. Braixen was relieved to know that she had three people she could rely on, and had no trust with the pony girls, Jacob, or Shuichi no longer. Grune brought up Pinkie Pie's apology, but it wasn't enough for Braixen to believe. Jacob and Shuichi were talking about how it might have been a dumb move to flip and vote off Katherine just based on what Freddy said to them. Shuichi said they made their move, and now they gotta stay in the middle. Gosalyn meanwhile, was contemplating on what to do with her new idol.

At the reward challenge, Jacob won reward, and took Pinkie Pie with him on reward. At the individual immunity challenge, Shuichi came out on top. Before tribal council, Eric and Freddy knew that this was the night to send Braixen home. There was some miscommunication with the last vote, and they intended to make this one work the right way. Freddy decided to approach Grune, and tell her that there was no hope for Braixen, and that she was gone. Braixen approached the pony girls, and asked them if they were still loyal to the alliance, as her paranoia had increased just a little bit without immunity. Both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash told her she was safe, but Rainbow Dash noted later that with their move made, it was too late to flip back. Shuichi wanted to keep himself in the middle, even if one alliance didn't trust him no longer. He went up to Freddy, and suggested that Wave should be the next to go instead of Braixen. Wave noticed Shuichi and Freddy speaking, and it only made her feel uncomfortable with the upcoming vote. With Shuichi's plan and plea made to Freddy, Jacob, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie talked about the future of their alliance. They made a Final 4 agreement, and after they vote Wave off, all bets were off, and they were going to do what they needed to do to make it to Day 38 of the season.

At tribal council, the plan worked, and Freddy, Heath, and Eric all followed through with the plan to vote out Wave instead of Braixen, sending her home in a 7-4 vote, making her the second member of the jury.

Pairs Can't Last ForeverEdit

  • Reward Challenge: You will divide into two teams of five. One at a time, you will face off against eachother on a log roll. First person to hit the mud is out, winner scores a point for their tribe. First team to three wins reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy.
  • Reward: Trip around Frog Forest on a Blimp.
  • Immunity Challenge: I will show you a series of symbols five at a time. Once I've shown you all five symbols, you must repeat them back to me. If you get even one symbol wrong, you're out of the challenge. Last person left standing will earn immunity and will be safe from the vote. This challenge is from Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy.

With Wave gone, Braixen knew there was little time left before the rest of her allies were all voted out. Thankfully, Gosalyn had a hidden immunity idol that few knew about. Freddy and Heath discussed their next plan of attack. Freddy was growing quite concerned over the pony girls and their alliances. Eric approached Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash about voting Braixen off at the next vote should she be safe. Otherwise, vote off Gosalyn, as Grune was no threat at this point. Both pony girls agreed, especially now that the game had begun, and their old loyalties were now gone and changed.

Meanwhile, Braixen and Grune talked about the next move themselves. With only Gosalyn left in their alliance aside from themselves, they needed to decide if they should ignore Freddy, and go after Jacob or Rainbow Dash. From afar, Jacob looked over at the two girls, after hearing his name come up. Eric told Freddy that Braixen or Gosalyn would be the next one voted off, as he had confirmed it. However, Freddy had other plans in mind, and that was splitting up the pony girls. The two men then approached Shuichi, and brought up the original male alliance back on Holava. Shuichi was conflicted.

At the reward challenge, the team of Jacob, Shuichi, Eric, Braixen, and Gosalyn won reward. At the individual immunity challenge, Grune came out on top. Before tribal council, Jacob told Pinkie Pie about what he heard from Braixen and Grune, and was concerned about a flip. Pinkie Pie giggled and told him not to worry, as they would be voting out Braixen. Gosalyn had the idol, and had a good idea of who they would be voting, but didn't know if a flip was going to happen. Braixen approached Heath off to the side, and told him that she was willing to vote out Rainbow Dash tonight as she was a threat, and had Pinkie Pie in her back pocket. Heath agreed with her, and later told Shuichi that the plan was to send home Rainbow Dash. Shuichi sighed, not wanting to betray his group. Later, Braixen told Gosalyn that the boys were planning on flipping to vote out Rainbow Dash, and Gosalyn agreed with her. Gosalyn told her she still planned to play the idol on Braixen in the event they were being lied to. Pinkie Pie, meanwhile, was having fun with her friends, unaware of any blindsides. Grune was later speaking with Freddy and Eric about the vote, and asked them if they really had the numbers to save her alliance. Freddy said that both Heath and Shuichi were on board. Grune laid out a subtle hint that maybe Shuichi had more loyalty to the girls and Jacob than them. This worried the two.

At tribal council, the alliance of four was stunned to find out that they had been played, aside from Shuichi who already knew. Still, he stuck with his alliance as Rainbow Dash was voted out in a 6-4 decision, becoming the third jury member.

High Stakes For A PriceEdit

  • Reward Challenge: You will divide into two teams of four, meaning one person will not get to play. Three people will swim out one at a time towards a balcony out in the water. Climb up the ladder, grab the club, and jump off to smash one of three tiles hanging in the air. The tiles contain keys which will be needed to open a treasure chest. Once you have all three keys, you will pass them off to one more tribe member, who will open the chest, and attempt to use the puzzle pieces inside to solve a puzzle. This challenge is from Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy.
  • Reward: Feast with a local tribe, and deliver toys to the children.
  • Immunity Challenge: You will untie a rope to release a pile of blocks. You must then use those blocks to stack into three rows onto a spinning platform. First person to finish this task wins immunity. Here's the kicker... you must do this all with your feet. From untying the rope to stacking each block, every action must be done with your feet. This challenge is from Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy.

While the previous vote was a success, both Heath and Freddy approached Shuichi about his true loyalties, and he claimed that he didn't want to betray the ponies after he made good friends with them. This didn't settle well with Freddy, and later warned Heath to keep an eye on Shuichi. Very certain his name was next up on the chopping block, Jacob approached Braixen about voting out one of the three guys in Freddy, Heath, and Eric. All three were threatening in either leadership, strength, or strategy. Eric, meanwhile, looked for the immunity idol, and came out of it empty handed.

Meanwhile, Eric told Freddy that he has a feeling someone picked up the hidden immunity idol, and suspected it was either in Gosalyn's or Braixen's hands. Wanting to make things more interesting, Freddy approached Pinkie Pie with a very high risk; stay loyal to him and him alone, or Shuichi goes home. Braixen asked Gosalyn if she believed they would be safe moving forward into the next tribal council. Gosalyn wasn't sure, as Freddy was known for his surprises. Later, Shuichi approached the duo and said he was willing to vote out Freddy whenever they were ready to, as he was nervous around him.

At the reward challenge, the team of Heath, Freddy, Jacob, and Eric won reward. At the individual immunity challenge, Eric came out on top. Before tribal council, Pinkie Pie didn't want to lose Shuichi for something she did, so she decided to follow Freddy and agree to his terms. She talked with Heath, and agreed to vote out Gosalyn to flush out an idol, splitting the votes between her and Braixen, with the primary target being Braixen. She later told Jacob. While Eric was napping in the shelter, Braixen and Gosalyn whispered about voting out Freddy tonight to honor Shuichi's wishes, thinking it was time to finally send the animatronic home. Eric overheard it, and became immediately paranoid about what could happen tonight; especially if they split the votes. Later, Jacob was still weighing out his options, even after what Pinkie Pie told him about voting out Gosalyn in order to get rid of the idol. He was later approached by Gosalyn and Grune about potentially voting out Freddy. Jacob figured if Freddy left, Pinkie Pie would no longer risk Shuichi's life in the game. There was tons of scrambling going on for the upcoming vote. Braixen was pushing to try and eliminate Freddy without Gosalyn using the idol. Pinkie Pie was torn apart about keeping her word to Freddy, or breaking it to send him home. Eric warned his alliance, and the plans were swiftly changed.

At tribal council, Freddy, Heath, and Eric all switched their votes to Shuichi, hoping the split vote plan would come into play, forcing his elimination. However, it was the exact opposite as they had been turned on, and Freddy Fazbear had been finally voted out of the game in a 6-3 decision, becoming the fourth jury member.

Pony In The MiddleEdit

  • Immunity Challenge 1: You will be throwing coconuts out to a game board with eight plates, each one colored for each of you. Each round, you will aim your coconut to smash one of the plates. After you hit a plate, the player that owned that plate will then go throw a coconut and so on so forth. Last plate remaining in the round is out of the competition. If you happen to miss, you are out of the competition. Last person standing in the game, wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Virmire.
  • Immunity Challenge 2: You will all raise your hands up in the air, and your wrist will be chained to a bucket full of water. If your hand moves a little too much while up in the air, might be enough to tip the bucket over your head, you'll get wet, and you're done. Last person left standing wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Virmire.

Eric and Heath were shocked to find Freddy blindsided the previous night, and had no idea whom to blame for the incident. They knew Shuichi had betrayed them for the girls and Jacob. They figured that Pinkie Pie was the center of attention, and figured if they voted her off, Shuichi may flip again. Braixen and Grune were talking about the next vote, and Braixen said that Eric and Heath seemed like two easy boots back to back. Getting rid of a physical and a mental threat. Grune agreed, not seeing any problem with it. Jacob, meanwhile, started to wonder about his alliance's position in the game.

Both Eric and Heath decided to take matters into their own hands, and Heath approached Grune and brought up his deal that he made way back before the merge to her and Gosalyn. He warned her about Pinkie Pie and her connections to both Jacob and Shuichi, and that voting her off would sever that. Jacob and Pinkie Pie later discussed a few things, and Jacob said that if Eric and Heath left, they would be tied up 3 against 3. Jacob told her that it was time to get back to the main plan and vote out Braixen. Pinkie Pie wasn't sure what she wanted to do, because she was still worried about her own safety.

At the individual immunity challenge, Jacob came out on top. Before tribal council, Eric and Braixen spoke to eachother one on one, and brought up voting out Pinkie Pie. She said that she did betray her early on in the game, and wanted a little piece of payback. Shuichi, meanwhile, was still freaking out, and was worried Eric and Heath were coming after him, and get the votes of the girls. Jacob and Pinkie Pie were speaking with Grune trying to get some information out of her about what was going to happen at the vote. However, Grune was not a good liar at all, and tried to make things look as though they were okay. In reality, Jacob knew better than to trust Grune, and was paranoid. Shuichi tried to calm his nerves by speaking with Gosalyn about the upcoming tribal council. Gosalyn soothed him down by telling him they would vote off Eric tonight for being a smart player, and that there would be no surprises tonight. Gosalyn later told Eric he was safe, however, wanting his trust. Jacob and Braixen were talking once again, and having wanted to blindside Braixen, Jacob abandoned the plan as both Shuichi and Pinkie Pie seemed very worried about it. So the duo agreed to vote out Eric, but Braixen was still holding true to her plan. Heath was also ready to see a nice blindside.

At tribal council, the trio of Shuichi, Pinkie Pie, and Jacob were blindsided when they were kept out of the loop and the other five players voted out Pinkie Pie for her betrayal in a 5-3 decision, making her the fifth jury member.

After tribal council, Jacob wasn't so completely caught off guard by Pinkie Pie's blindside, since he had an idea after Grune was bad at lying. Gosalyn and Grune were off by themselves, and were pleased with the results. Gosalyn told Grune they just needed to keep cool and play both sides against eachother. Shuichi had no idea where to turn to after Pinkie Pie was voted out of the game. Sure he liked Jacob, but it was a sinking ship, and he knew better than to sink on it. He spoke with both Heath and Eric, and both men happily accepted him back into their alliance. Still, Heath hardly trusted Shuichi.

Later, Jacob and Shuichi were later talking about what to do moving forward. Jacob said that Grune was the coat tail rider of the group, and was easy to read. They needed to break up Gosalyn and Braixen, and perhaps swing Grune over. Shuichi agreed with him, but had no interest in working with Jacob. Eric and Heath went over their options one more time, and Heath asked Eric if it is a good move to keep Shuichi. Eric said yes, while Heath suggested voting out Braixen, and seeing if Gosalyn and Grune could be pulled over, since Heath formed bonds with the two of them.

At the individual immunity challenge, Jacob came out on top once again. Before tribal council, Needing all the votes they needed, Eric approached Jacob about voting out Braixen at the next tribal council, seeing her as the biggest threat. Jacob nodded, wanting to stay in the game, seeing Eric and Heath as the best options for him and Shuichi to stay in the game, especially to vote out Braixen. Gosalyn was laying down in the shelter, and opened her eyes when she overheard Heath and Shuichi going over the plan tonight. The plan was to vote out Braixen, and then pull Gosalyn and Grune over to their side. Gosalyn immediately went into panic mode, perhaps deciding it was time to use the idol. Later, Shuichi and Grune talked about the vote, and he asked her if she wanted to stay tonight. When Grune said yes, Shuichi told her the votes were going in Braixen's favor, and there was no way she could stay. Grune simply giggled as she knew about Gosalyn's idol. Shuichi later told Eric about what he did. Gosalyn warned Braixen that she was going home that night, and that she was going to use the idol to save her from going home. They later pulled Jacob aside, and asked him if he knew about the vote to send Braixen home. Jacob, worried, let loose the details, and the two girls came up with their own plan.

At tribal council, after being threatened to be voted off had he not spilled any beans, Jacob flipped back to the girls side to vote out Eric in a 4-3 decision, and no idol was played as a result.

Time To Make A MoveEdit

  • Reward Challenge: You will race in go-karts around an underwater course. First three to finish each of the three laps, wins reward. This challenge is from Survivor: Emerald Hill.
  • Reward: Sports car along with a spa reward. Second and third place also tag along.
  • Immunity Challenge: You'll be playing a game of shuffle board. You each have one puck. You make a move, and then you're done. Person closest to the center wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Emerald Hill.

Shuichi was very shocked when Braixen wasn't voted off the previous night. Gosalyn and Grune were thankful that Jacob had flipped over to their side to send Eric home. They were then thinking about the future, and Gosalyn still had her idol. Gosalyn told Grune she was worried she couldn't beat Braixen. Heath asked Jacob about what happened the previous night, and Jacob told him that if he didn't spill any beans he would have been voted off and idoled out of the game. Heath was annoyed at Jacob for betraying his alliance, and later spoke with Braixen about sending the wild card out the door next. Later, Gosalyn and Heath were later talking about the game, and while Heath brought up voting out Jacob, Gosalyn suggested voting out Braixen, as she really wanted to win the game, and felt Braixen was standing in her way. She said that Jacob would be on board, but Heath still wasn't convinced. Grune and Shuichi were talking, and still Shuichi was pleading his heart out to Grune about keeping him and Heath in the game, and sending Braixen home next. Grune giggled, and told him that Gosalyn has a plan in store, and not to worry. Their constant talks had Braixen a little paranoid about Grune.

At the reward challenge, Gosalyn came in first place and won the sports car, which she said she would give to her Dad. Braixen and Jacob also placed second and third, coming on reward as a result. At the individual immunity challenge, Grune came out on top. Before tribal council, Gosalyn had a plan up her sleeve, and figured it would work if she did it subtly. She and Grune told Heath that Gosalyn had a hidden immunity idol, and that she would give it to Heath to play and vote out Braixen. While Heath loved the idea, and took it into thought, he still wanted Jacob out over her. Braixen and Jacob were talking about alliances, and told him that she had concerns over Grune's loyalty. When mentioning she and Shuichi hung out a lot, Jacob decided to defend his ally Shuichi, saying that he was only trying to get numbers, and nothing more. He said that Heath needed to go. When Braixen later confronted Grune about it, Grune pleasantly told her that Heath was going home, and had nothing to worry about. However, Braixen saw right through Grune as she was bad at lying. While concerned about Grune, she had no worries over Gosalyn. Heath later made up his mind. Shuichi and Jacob were talking about who needed to be voted off, and while Shuichi wanted Braixen to go, Jacob thought it wasn't going to work, as they would only look stupid in a 3-3 vote. They needed to send Heath home. Shuichi didn't like the idea, as he was hoping to send a strong player home.

At tribal council, Heath played the idol that Gosalyn gave him to negate 4 votes cast against him. But since he voted for Jacob instead of Braixen, it caused a 1-1-0 tie vote, causing a revote. This forced Gosalyn and Grune to force their hand, and vote Braixen out of the game in a 3-1 decision, sending her to the jury.

The FinaleEdit

  • Immunity Challenge 1: I'll be asking you questions based on high school life. First person to answer five correct answers wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Marble.
  • Immunity Challenge 2: You will place your hand on the idol, and hold it there, for as long as you can. Your feet will stand on these two pedestals. Last one standing, wins immunity. This challenge is from Survivor: Marble.

Shuichi was upset with Heath over voting against Jacob, saying that had Gosalyn and Grune not flipped, he could have been sent home. Heath shrugged, and said that Jacob was a dangerous player, and couldn't be trusted at all. Shuichi and Jacob later talked, and said that Heath needed to go next. Meanwhile, Gosalyn wasn't happy about having to make her betrayal known to the public. Grune simply smiled and told Gosalyn that Braixen will probably take it well, and still give her vote to Gosalyn if they made it to the Final 3. Gosalyn said only if they made it as the three boys could still band together.

At the individual immunity challenge, Shuichi came out on top. Before tribal council, With Heath not winning immunity, Jacob and Shuichi put together a plan to send him home tonight. Heath later came up to them, pleading his case that he's sorry for making a move against Jacob, but that he wasn't the biggest threat. He pointed out Gosalyn as likable, strategic, and a threat to win. Gosalyn and Grune were told of the plan to send Heath home, and it sounded realistic, but they still had no idea if they could trust Jacob or not. Grune said that if they voted Jacob out, then they would look silly for sending Braixen home over Jacob, only to send Jacob out the next chance they got.

At tribal council, the girls voted with Shuichi and Jacob to vote Heath off in a 4-1 decision, making him the eighth jury member.

After tribal council, With two pairs left in the Final 4, Jacob was questioning why Gosalyn and Grune chose not to make a move and keep Heath in the game. Shuichi told Jacob that he was grateful for sticking with him throughout the game, and said that they needed to swing Grune over to their side to vote Gosalyn out. On the flip side, Gosalyn and Grune were talking about the same exact thing. They saw Jacob as a threat over Shuichi, and Gosalyn told Grune that it was stupid to vote Heath out, and that they should have tied it between Jacob and Heath. They would have had the votes to send Jacob home.

At the final individual immunity challenge, Jacob came out on top, securing his spot in the Final 3. Before tribal council, With Jacob winning the final immunity challenge, all hope for bringing Shuichi to the end the easy way was gone for Grune and Gosalyn. Grune and Shuichi talked, and Shuichi asked Grune if it was the right time to send Gosalyn home before the jury vote. Grune shook her head, being honest with Shuichi. Gosalyn still worked her magic to try and sway Jacob over to her side. She didn't want to have the rocks determine their fate, and she told Jacob that Shuichi might be seen as either a goat, or the good guy in the end that fought hard to win the game. Jacob considered Gosalyn's words considerably.

At tribal council, Jacob decided not to test fate with the purple rock despite being safe, and voted Shuichi out with the girls in a 3-1 decision, sending the singer to the jury as the final member.

At final tribal council, in a 6-3-0 vote, Gosalyn Mallard was crowned the winner of Survivor: Frog Forest over Jacob and Grune!


Holava: Angela, Eric, Gallade, Wave, Blaze, Rainbow Dash, Heath, Shuichi, Allison, Freddy
Nok'kom: Jacob, Squidward, Pinkie Pie, Katherine, Grune, Marth, Kellam, Ghirahim, Braixen, Gosalyn

Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Allison BW Allison
Yoshi Desert
Holava 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Gallade BW Gallade
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Holava 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Ghirahim BW Ghirahim
Legend of Zelda
Lake Hylia
Nok'kom 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Blaze BW Blaze
Sonic the Hedgehog
Holava Eliminated
Day 11
Angela BW Angela
Holava Nok'kom 4th Voted Out
Day 14
Kellam BW Kellam
Fire Emblem
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Nok'kom Nok'kom 5th Voted Out
Day 16
Marth BW Marth
Fire Emblem
Kattlelox Island
Nok'kom Holava 6th Voted Out
Day 16
Squidward BW Squidward
Spongebob Squarepants
Redemption Island
Nok'kom Holava 7th Voted Out
Day 18
Katherine BW Katherine
Blood vs. Water
Nok'kom Nok'kom Nok'Lava 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
Wave BW Wave
Sonic the Hedgehog
Kattlelox Island
Holava Nok'kom 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
Rainbow Dash BW Rainbow Dash
My Little Pony
Redemption Island
Holava Holava 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
Freddy F BW Freddy
Five Nights at Freddy's
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Holava Nok'kom 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
Pinkie Pie BW Pinkie Pie
Equestria Girls
Nok'kom Holava 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 31
Eric BW Eric
Green Hill
Holava Holava 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
Braixen BW Braixen
Lake Hylia
Nok'kom Holava 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
Heath BW Heath
Emerald Hill
Holava Nok'kom 15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Shuichi BW Shuichi
Holava Holava 16th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Grune BW Grune
Tales of Legendia
Nok'kom Nok'kom 2nd Runner Up 0
Jacob BW Jacob
Nok'kom Holava Runner Up 2
Gosalyn colored Gosalyn
Darkwing Duck
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Nok'kom Nok'kom Sole Survivor 4
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The gameEdit

Episode Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Get The Villains Out First!" Nok'kom Allison 8-2 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Calm Down And Grow Up!" Holava Nok'kom Gallade 7-2 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"Their Days Are Numbered" Nok'kom Holava Ghirahim 6-4 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
"Gender Wars" Holava Nok'kom Blaze 4-4 Eliminated
Day 11
"I Will Fight To Stay" Tribal
Holava Angela 6-2 4th Voted Out
Day 14
"Smart Young Girls" Nok'kom Freddy Kellam 4-2-1 5th Voted Out
Day 16
Squidward Marth 5-3 6th Voted Out
Day 16
"They Broke The Rules!" Holava Nok'kom Squidward 4-2-1 7th Voted Out
Day 18
"Don't Sweat It Man!" Merge R. Dash Katherine 4-3-3-0 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
"I'm Playing Dumb On Purpose" Jacob
[Pinkie Pie]
Shuichi Wave 7-4 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
"Pairs Can't Last Forever" Braixen,
Grune R. Dash 6-4 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
"High Stakes For A Price" Eric,
Eric Freddy 6-3 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
"Pony In The Middle" None Jacob Pinkie Pie 5-3 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 31
Jacob Eric 4-3 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
"Time To Make A Move" Gosalyn
Grune Braixen 1-1-0
14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
"Finale" None Shuichi Heath 4-1 15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Jacob Shuichi 3-1 16th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
"Reunion" Jury Vote Grune 6-3-0 2nd Runner Up
Jacob Runner Up
Gosalyn Sole Survivor

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Swapped Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Allison
8/10 votes
7/9 votes
6/10 votes
No vote
6/8 votes
4/7 votes
5/8 votes
4/7 votes
4/12 votes
7/11 votes
R. Dash
6/10 votes
6/9 votes
Pinkie Pie
5/8 votes
4/7 votes
TIE Braixen
3/4 votes
6/9 votes
6/9 votes
Gosalyn Ghirahim Angela Kellam Freddy Freddy R. Dash Freddy Pinkie Pie Eric Heath Braixen Heath Shuichi
Jacob Ghirahim Marth Squidward Katherine Wave Braixen Freddy Eric Eric Heath N/A Heath Shuichi
Grune Ghirahim Angela Kellam Freddy Freddy R. Dash Freddy Pinkie Pie Eric Heath Braixen Heath Shuichi
Shuichi Allison Freddy Angela Marth Squidward Katherine Wave Braixen Freddy Eric Braixen Braixen Braixen Heath Gosalyn
Heath Allison Gallade Angela Angela Wave Braixen Wave R. Dash Shuichi Pinkie Pie Braixen Jacob Jacob Gosalyn
Braixen Ghirahim Marth Eric Freddy Freddy R. Dash Freddy Pinkie Pie Eric Heath N/A
Eric Allison Gallade Angela Braixen Squidward Braixen Wave R. Dash Shuichi Pinkie Pie Braixen
Pinkie Pie Ghirahim Marth Squidward Katherine Wave Braixen Freddy Eric
Freddy Allison Gallade Angela Angela Gosalyn Braixen Wave R. Dash Shuichi
R. Dash Eric Gallade Eric Marth Eric Katherine Wave Braixen
Wave Allison Gallade Eric Freddy Kellam Heath Freddy
Katherine Ghirahim Angela Kellam Heath
Squidward Pinkie Pie Braixen Pinkie Pie
Marth Pinkie Pie Braixen
Kellam Pinkie Pie Angela Gosalyn
Angela Allison Gallade Eric Freddy
Blaze Allison Gallade Eric
Ghirahim Pinkie Pie
Gallade Allison Freddy
Allison Eric
Jury vote
Finalist: Grune
0/9 votes
3/9 votes
6/9 votes
Juror Vote
Shuichi Jacob
Heath Gosalyn
Braixen Gosalyn
Eric Gosalyn
Pinkie Pie Jacob
Freddy Gosalyn
R. Dash Jacob
Wave Gosalyn
Katherine Gosalyn