Returning Players in Survivor offer the opportunity for previous contestants who have either won or been voted out to return for another shot at becoming the Sole Survivor. The current list below shows every single returning player. It is still under construction as icons are made for the rest of the players.

Returning Players by SeasonEdit

Season Returned to Future Season Season Returned to Future Season
Green Hill Logo2 Curtis coloredKevin coloredJess coloredWill coloredJordan coloredBen coloredAnthony coloredEric coloredSabastian coloredJunior coloredBree colored SEGA AllStars Logo Beat coloredBanjo coloredSonic coloredJunior coloredAmigo coloredRyo coloredJacky coloredKnuckles coloredBD Joe coloredUlala coloredTails coloredShadow colored
Emerald Hill Logo Andrew coloredPeter coloredArlando coloredNatalie coloredMatt F coloredKruz coloredJared colored Reals vs. OCs Logo2 Squall coloredDongwa coloredDribbles coloredDustin coloredQuinn coloredAVGN coloredJada coloredSora coloredLuigi coloredCloud colored
All Stars Logo Ryo coloredWill coloredAndrew coloredSabastian coloredMatt F coloredCurtis coloredSquall coloredAnthony coloredSonic coloredDongwa coloredBeat colored Koopa Beach Logo Samantha coloredSkorbet coloredNack coloredAmethyst coloredUrcle coloredGalaxo colored
Cuties Logo Eevee coloredMidna coloredEtna coloredCynder coloredLady coloredFreddi coloredKazooie coloredLeafeon coloredVixey colored Marble Logo Robert coloredKarrington coloredShohn coloredEnoch coloredAshton colored
Fans vs. Favorites Logo Ben coloredNicole coloredJacky colored Distant Logo Cousteau2 coloredCyrano2 coloredLimberg2 coloredFreya2 coloredRizzo2 colored
Heroes vs Villains Logo Jordan coloredEtna coloredBeat coloredBen coloredLady coloredAndrew coloredEevee coloredLimberg2 coloredRobert coloredAVGN coloredWill colored Redemption Island Logo Raine coloredEn-Tee-I coloredKratos coloredJ D coloredRen coloredNo-Face coloredFluttershy coloredNiko coloredBomberman coloredHartman colored
Aquatic Ruin Logo Metal Mario coloredHarry coloredStephen coloredLing Ling coloredSweet Tooth coloredTwilight coloredDexter colored Forest Maze Logo Jiro coloredYuri coloredZaeed coloredZola coloredApplejack coloredSamara coloredKasumi coloredJack coloredBarney colored
Virmire Logo Mordin coloredKasumi coloredMoses coloredGrune coloredThane coloredSenel coloredAnise coloredNiko coloredN. Tropy coloredJavik coloredGarrus colored Ultimates Logo En-Tee-I coloredRaine coloredSweet Tooth coloredZola coloredMordin coloredKasumi coloredMetal Mario coloredAnise coloredMoses coloredJiro colored
Edenia Logo Nightwolf coloredSub-Zero coloredSindel coloredStryker coloredQuan Chi coloredRain colored Destinyisles logo Rain coloredVixey coloredLuigi coloredBarney coloredDexter coloredQuan Chi colored
Survivor prison island logo by crazypackersfan-d698ojq Batgirl coloredPepper coloredMidna coloredDiddy Kong coloredSkarlet coloredLobo M coloredNiGHTS coloredZod2 colored Packers logo Tatsuki coloredSoi Fon coloredLight coloredAmerica coloredCynthia coloredSabrina coloredOlivier colored
Survivor27logo Dixie coloredDanielle coloredIon coloredDaisy coloredSindel coloredPepper coloredKitana coloredChristian colored Kattlelox Logo Reala coloredMorrigan coloredAmaterasu coloredLink coloredBowser coloredRosalina coloredPhoenix coloredMega Man coloredVyse colored
Season23logo Garrus coloredVyse coloredLobo M colored Singapore Logo Zatanna coloredSerena coloredGadget coloredMartian Manhunter coloredHyde coloredOrbb coloredDeadpool coloredTrevor coloredPinkie Pie colored
Season25Logo Mickey coloredJake coloredSoi Fon coloredFiona coloredJosiah coloredDeadpool coloredAmerica colored Season26logo Aladdin coloredLucina coloredShulk colored
Bbglogo Isabelle coloredCoco coloredFreddy F coloredRheneas coloredKellam colored Season28logo Hyde coloredShulk colored
DingoCanyonLogo Marge coloredDr. Mario coloredInkling coloredPikachu colored Season30Logo Little Foot coloredMonita colored
Season31Logo Bayonetta coloredToriel colored Last Chances ?

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