NOTE: Each Preview will be posted two days after the last episode is uploaded. The reason I choose to post them here and not before the Final Words is because I really need time to think about the next episode and what will happen, for the most part. Hope you like this new feature! Also, keep in mind that anything in the preview is subject to change

NOTE 2: After hearing some complaints about the preview hinting at the boots for the episode, every preview from here on out will attempt to hide the boot better.

NOTE 3: In order to avoid potential spoilers, I have changed the way previews will be done from here on out. Please let me know if these are good enough.

Episode 8 Preview!Edit

Next time on Survivor!

With Nicholas gone, Dylan and Gretch put their plan into action. Will they break the powerful Legaias alliance?

One player's distrust of another player begins to grow more and more. Will they be able to successfully deal with the situation?

One player is soon caught in the middle, and is forced to make a difficult decision at tribal council.