Norma Martin
Norma Icon
Contestant Profile
Creator TJBambi93
Job Kindergarten Teacher

Australian Highlands

Tribes ██ Legaias
Placement TBA
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted TBA

Norma Martin is a contestant who appeared on Survivor: Australian Highlands. She was created by TJBambi93.


Name: Norma Martin
Tribe Designation: Legaias
Age: 35
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher
Main Strength: Really sweet and intelligent.
Main Weakness: Physically weak.
How You Will Become the Sole SURVIVOR: "I value education as one of the big reasons you succeed or fail in life. I may teach little kids, but I want those kids to grow up to be policemen, firefighters, or even one day the President of the United States. Out here, I want to make sure my tribe succeeds in every angle of the game. As long as we win challenges, I will be an incredibly happy woman."

Survivor: Australian HighlandsEdit

Norma's Voting History
Episode Norma's
Voted Against
1 Legaias Tribe Immune
2 Legaias Tribe Immune
3 Violet -

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