Meloetta Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Pokemon

Dingo Canyon

Tribes ██ Brio
██ Electroshock
Placement 10/21
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 11
Days Lasted 26

Meloetta is a legendary pokemon originating from Pokemon, and a contestant on Survivor: Dingo Canyon. It placed 10th.

Meloetta is the second genderless contestant to compete on Survivor, following Orbb. Unlike Orbb, it is more associated with female pronouns as opposed to male.

Survivor: Dingo CanyonEdit

Meloetta's Voting History
Episode Meloetta's
Voted Against
1 Brio Tribe Immune
2 Zoe -
3 Quistis -
4 Cortex Tribe Immune
5 Yuffie -
6 No Tribal Council
Henry -
7 Nigel -
8 Shinnok -
9 Shinnok Dark Pit, Inkling,
Mangle, Shinnok, Zoe
10 Dark Pit Dark Pit, Inkling, Mangle,
Nigel, Yuki, Zoe
Voted Out, Day 26
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • According to one of Meloetta's confessionals in Dingo Canyon, it's implied it was considered for the Veteran's Island twist instead of Mawile.

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