Jet Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Sonic the Hedgehog

Pirate Lagoon

Tribes ██ Ani Mani
Placement 20/21
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 6

Jet the Hawk is a hawk originating from Sonic the Hedgehog, and a contestant on Survivor: Pirate Lagoon. He placed 20th.

Survivor: Pirate LagoonEdit

Jet's Voting History
Episode Jet's
Voted Against
1 N/A
Ani Mani Tribe Immune
2 Littlefoot Littlefoot, Minerva,
Roxanne, Wolf
Voted Out, Day 6
9 Spinelli,
Bender, Springtrap,
Sticks, Tanya

Survivor: Pirate Lagoon Contestants
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Minerva · Monita · Ness · Penner · Roxanne · Ryu · Spinelli · Springtrap · Sticks · Tanya · Wolf

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