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Contestant Profile
Series Okami


Tribes ██ Maochong
██ Jiamaoru
Placement 8/20
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 10
Days Lasted 31
"So c'mon, everybody! Let's join together to call upon the great god. Let's show Ammy that we truly believe! Put your hands together and pray. Let's make our gratitude obvious! I mean, we shouldn't pray only when we want something. We should consider how the gods must feel once in a while."
— Issun, Okami

Issun is a poncle originating from Okami, and a contestant on Survivor: Singapore. He placed 8th.

Issun was originally known for being the speaker for Kattlelox Island contestant Amaterasu. Compared to the quiet, reserved Amaterasu, Issun was loud, annoying, selfish, and lazy. Even though he was the perfect goat to the end, nobody wanted to deal with him. He was known for his rivalry with Serena and his cuddle-mance with Toadette.

Survivor: SingaporeEdit

Issun's Voting History
Episode Issun's
Voted Against
1 Maochong Tribe Immune
2 Maochong Tribe Immune
3 Orbb -
4 Flaky -
5 Maochong Tribe Immune
6 Maochong Tribe Immune
7 Maochong Tribe Immune
8 Zatanna -
9 Orbb -
10 Orbb Felicia, Gadget,
Hyde, Orbb
11 Hyde -
12 Glaceon Felicia, Gadget, Glaceon,
J'onn, Serena, Zatanna
Voted Out, Day 31
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Issun was the size of a flea during Survivor: Kattlelox Island, but since he would be at a huge disadvantage during Singapore, Zatanna offered to make him a little bigger in order to be at a fair balance.

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