Falco Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Star Fox

Kattlelox Island

Tribes ██ Nintendo
Placement 17/18
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 6
"You overgrown gnats! I'll destroy every last one of you!"
— Falco, Star Fox Assault

Falco Lombardi is a bird originating from Star Fox, and a contestant on Survivor: Kattlelox Island. He placed 17th.

Survivor: Kattlelox IslandEdit

Falco's Voting History
Episode Falco's
Voted Against
1 Pichu Pichu, Rosalina
2 Marth Bowser, Link,
Marth, Rosalina
Voted Out, Day 6

Survivor: Kattlelox Island Contestants
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Mega Man · Morrigan · Phoenix · Pichu · Pudding · Reala · Rosalina · Vyse · Wave

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