Survivor Auctions are special types of Reward Challenges that appear in various seasons. They offer contestants $500 dollars of money to spend on food, drinks, advantages, and various other goodies.

So far, there have been eight auctions throughout the series. They first appeared in Survivor: Reals vs. OCs, and made their latest appearance in Survivor: Dingo Canyon.

Not everyone spends their money, and some auction prizes don't get shown on camera anymore. Those will be listed on this page.

Beginning in Survivor: Lake Hylia, each auction will include an appearance by an animatronic balloon boy; literally named Balloon Boy or BB for short, who will assist the host, Jeff Probst, in handling each auction.

Survivor: Reals vs. OCsEdit

Reals vs. OCs Auction
Contestant Bought
AVGN colored AVGN Grilled Steak & Cold Beer($240).
Dongwa colored Dongwa Cheeseburger($160), Visit from a loved one($340).
Dribbles colored Dribbles Jar of River Water($180).
Dustin colored Dustin Lasagna($380).
Quinn colored Quinn Vanilla Ice Cream Cone($200).
Squall colored Squall Complete Breakfast w/ Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon, Hash Browns($500).

Survivor: Koopa BeachEdit

Koopa Beach Auction
Contestant Bought
Amethyst colored Amethyst Nothing.
Britney colored Britney Grilled Chicken Salad(Not Shown).
Nack colored Nack Grilled Steak & Mashed Potatoes($300), 3 Cold Beers($200).
Rachel colored Rachel Bowl of Cereal($200).
Roy colored Roy Chocolate Cake($260).
Samantha colored Samantha Ice Cream Maker($440).
Skorbet colored Skorbet 3 slices of Pepperoni Pizza($340).
Zing colored Zing Nothing.

Survivor: MarbleEdit

Marble Auction
Contestant Bought
Angela colored Angela Shower(Not Shown).
Connie colored Connie Bowl of Grubs($200).
Karrington colored Karrington Chili Dog w/ French Fries($200), Piece of Chocolate Cake($200).
Rebecca colored Rebecca Letter from Home($380).
Robert colored Robert Macaroni & Cheese($500).
Shohn colored Shohn Ham & Turkey Sandwich w/ Vanilla Milkshake($160).

Survivor: Fans vs. FavoritesEdit

Fans vs. Favorites Auction
Contestant Bought
Amethyst colored Amethyst Cheesecake($340).
Arlando colored Arlando McDonald's Big Mac($200).
Ben colored Ben Nothing.
David colored David Grilled Chicken w/ Diet Coke($200), 10 Donuts($260).
Freddi colored Freddi Exile Island Note($220).
Jada colored Jada Shower($360).
Nicole colored Nicole Hot Dog w/ Orange Juice(Not Shown).
Tyler colored Tyler Nothing.

Survivor: Forest MazeEdit

Forest Maze Auction
Contestant Bought
Duck colored Duck Nothing.
Geno colored Geno Meat Loaf w/ Martini($100), Carrot Cake($340).
Jiro colored Jiro Exile Island Note($200), 8 Cupcakes($320).
Judith colored Judith Ice Cream Maker($240).
Yuri colored Yuri Cheeseburger(Not Shown).
Zaeed colored Zaeed Chicken Sandwich($220).

Survivor: VirmireEdit

Virmire Auction
Contestant Bought
Gordon colored Gordon Grilled Lobster(Not Shown).
Grune colored Grune Bubble Bath($200).
Kasumi colored Kasumi Immunity Challenge Advantage($220).
Mordin colored Mordin Chicken Sandwich w/ Iced Coffee($200), Hidden Immunity Idol Clue($220).
Moses colored Moses 2 Cheeseburgers w/ Cola($500).
Nostalgia Critic colored Nostalgia Critic Chocolate Cake($360).
Thane colored Thane Nothing.
Twilight colored Twilight Chocolate Chip Cookies($300).

Survivor: UltimatesEdit

Ultimates Auction
Contestant Bought
En-Tee-I colored En-Tee-I 4 Slices of Bacon w/ Mountain Dew($260).
Harry colored Harry Immunity Challenge Advantage($300).
Kratos colored Kratos Cheeseburgers, French Fries, and Cold Beers; shared with Raine($1000).
Raine colored Raine Cheeseburgers, French Fries, and Cold Beers; shared with Kratos($1000).
Stephen colored Stephen Ice Cream Cone(Not Shown).
Sweet Tooth colored Sweet Tooth Pizza($400).
Thane colored Thane Roast Beef w/ Coca Cola($80), Loved One Visit($420).

Survivor: Prison IslandEdit

Prison Island Auction
Contestant Bought
Batgirl colored Batgirl Smoked Sausages w/ Red Wine; shared with Pepper($800).
Bill 2 colored Ben Slice of Chocolate Cake($300), Sugar Cookies(Not Shown).
Bill colored Bill Small Breakfast w/ Eggs, Bacon, Sausage($400).
Jeff the Killer colored Jeff the Killer Immunity Challenge Advantage($260), Glass of Fruit Punch(Not Shown).
Midna colored Midna Roast Chicken w/ Onion Rings($100).
Pepper colored Pepper Smoked Sausages w/ Red Wine; shared with Batgirl($800).
Rarity colored Rarity Nothing.

Survivor: Blood vs. WaterEdit

Blood vs. Water Auction
Contestant Bought
Anise colored Anise Nothing.
Daisy colored Daisy Smoked Turkey w/ Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables; shared with Dixie($900).
Danielle colored Danielle Chicken Sandwich w/ French Fries($250).
Dixie colored Dixie Smoked Turkey w/ Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables; shared with Daisy($900).
Ion colored Ion Chicken Soup($240), Grilled Salad(Not Shown).
Lady colored Lady Banana Split; given to Danielle($500).
Sindel colored Sindel Scrambled Eggs(Not Shown).
Will colored Will Immunity Challenge Advantage($500).

Survivor: SingaporeEdit

Singapore Auction
Contestant Bought
Felicia colored Felicia Chicken Soup(Not Shown).
Gadget colored Gadget Hot Dog w/ Milk(Not Shown).
Glaceon colored Glaceon Bowl of Chex Mix($200).
Hyde colored Hyde Nothing.
Issun colored Issun Nothing.
Martian Manhunter colored Martian Manhunter Chocolate Cake w/ Oreo Cookies; shared with Glaceon, Serena, & Zatanna($500).
Serena colored Serena Salisbury Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes & Margaritas; shared with Zatanna($1000).
Toadette colored Toadette Cheeseburger w/ Onion Rings & Orange Juice($160).
Zatanna colored Zatanna Exile Island Note($400),
Salisbury Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes & Margaritas; shared with Serena($1000).

Survivor: Lake HyliaEdit

Lake Hylia Auction
Contestant Bought
Aladdin colored Aladdin Cheeseburger(Not Shown).
Brian colored Brian Baked Beans($300).
Greninja colored Greninja Pepperoni Pizza; shared with Pac-Man($680).
Lucina colored Lucina Three Slices of Cheesecake; shared with Aladdin and Pac-Man($420).
Pac-Man colored Pac-Man Hot Dog w/ Orange Juice($160), Pepperoni Pizza; shared with Greninja($680).
Trevor colored Trevor Exile Island Note($300), 1 Cold Beer(Not Shown).

Survivor: Battle RoyaleEdit

Battle Royale Auction
Contestant Bought
Hyde colored Hyde Bacon Cheeseburger w/ Fries($200),
4 Slices of Chocolate Cake; shared with Lucina, Pepper, Serena, Shulk($300).
Ion colored Ion Spaghetti & Meatballs($180).
Lucina colored Lucina Garlic Bread; shared with Pepper($600).
Pepper colored Pepper Garlic Bread; shared with Lucina($600).
Rheneas colored Rheneas Glass of Coca Cola(Not Shown).
Serena colored Serena Nothing.
Shulk colored Shulk Cold Rice w/ Warm Water($300).
Soi Fon colored Soi Fon Nothing.
Vyse colored Vyse Tribal Council Pass($500).

Survivor: Dingo CanyonEdit

Dingo Canyon Auction
Contestant Bought
Dark Pit colored Dark Pit Nothing.
Dr. Mario colored Dr. Mario Chicken & Cheese Sandwich($220), Cup of Coffee($20).
Inkling colored Inkling Ravioli($300), Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza; shared with Mangle($400).
Mangle colored Mangle Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza; shared with Inkling($400), Phone Call Home($300).
Marge colored Marge Nothing.
Nigel colored Nigel Scrambled Eggs($280).
Pikachu colored Pikachu Phone Call Home($300).
Yuki colored Yuki Tribal Council Pass($500).
Zoe colored Zoe Fruit Smoothie(Not Shown)